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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Drinkdings Halloween Mocktail Workshop and Competition @ Liang Court (18, 19 Oct 2014)

Through the weekends, a Halloween Mocktail Workshop was conducted for parents and family at Liang Court, courtesy of Asiamall. 

Parents brought along their children and watched gleefully as the little ones toyed around with the shakers and juices with a big smile on their face.

Day 1 (18 Oct 2014): The Workshop

The workshop taught the basics of drinks mixing to both the parents and children, all in preparation of the Mocktail Making Competition the next day.

Parents and children all learnt the art of mixing drinks, shaking, and even garnishing the drinks, making them all creepy and scary as they could - with makeshift bloody eyes, brains, and worms.

Everyone had fun, and were all looking forward to pitting their creativity skills against one another the next day.

Day 2 (19 Oct 2014): The Competition

Competition Day! Kids reported in at Liang Court, jumpy, active, and ready to start!
Some even dressed up for the occasion, reporting in their best Halloween costume, ready to start mixing up drinks for the our panel of judges.

With so many ingredients and garnishes to choose from, the opportunity for creativity was overwhelming!

Just take a look at the final product! Colorful, in all sort of shapes and sizes, creepily decorated, and even colors to match the spirit of Halloween!

Wrapping up, the competition was a fun time not just for the participants, but for us as well. To witness young and enthusiastic drink-mixers shaking away happily, eyes in awe as they watch their product pour out into the glasses, and garnishing them with all sorts of candies and edibles.

We all had a great time, and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Looking forward to Halloween itself!

Drinkdings Mobile Bar @ Singapore Exchange, SGX Market Access Night 2014 (15 Oct 2014)

A room full of thirsty patrons, and we were there to satisfy their cravings! Whatever was craved for - beer, wine, and even shooters - were all available at this crowded and enjoyable night.

Our team of fully-prepared bartenders, for any event you need to hype and wild up.

Drinkdings Mobile Bar @ Swissotel, Level 69, Equinox Private Dining Hall (14 Oct 2014)

On 14 October 2014, our mobile bar took to Swissotel, and set up a bar, serving up Mojitoes, Singapore Slings, and Dutch Tulips.

Look at the view!

Want a drink? Sure!
But here's the catch... You have to make it yourself!

Our bar set up was a mini-cocktail workshop, where customers were required to prepare their own drink while guided by our cheery and friendly bartenders.

Customers got a chance to step behind the bar and prepare their own drink, and some relished the chance to be a bartender, shaking and mixing their drinks in style!

Drinkdings Cocktail Making Workshop @ Killiney's Level 2 (11 Oct 2014)

Our Cocktail Making Workshop @ Killiney's

Conducted by our ever charismatic and entertaining trainer, Chic, our Cocktail Making Workshop attracted an enthusiastic group of participants, who were all willing to showcase the bartender in them :)

Mixing, pouring, shaking, decorating... The class was full of enthusiasm and creativity as each of them did up their own garnishes for the select drinks.

From the looks of the faces, everyone had fun (including the bartender as well), and we look forward to having the next cocktail making workshop with you guys...

Our next session? Christmas Cocktail Making Workshop!
For more details, like our Facebook page here, and stay tuned for more updates :)

Drinkdings Mobile Bar @ Waldmann Lighting (04 Oct 2014)

Despite a rainy start on the event day, the event took off once the rain stopped and the crowd kept coming for drinks!

A coffee machine to prepare freshly grounded espresso to serve up the first half of the day.

Once the rain cleared up, our bar was immediately set up, and ready to take on the crowd of thirsty patrons with our delicious cocktails! 

Serving up Lychee Martinis, Coffee Martinis (courtesy of the coffee machine), and Whisky Sours, as well as beers and wine to keep the crowd coming back for more.

Drinkdings Mobile Bar @ Zodiac Aerospace (02 Oct 2014)

Our set up and the crowd for the evening:

Our team of bartenders served freshly prepared Cosmopolitans, Lychee Martinis, and Mai Tais, as well as cartons of beer served relaxing-ly chilled.

Drinkdings Mobile Bar @ Harborfront Tower One (25 Sep 2014)

Our drinks for the evening:

Cocktails (left to right): Cosmopolitan, Whisky Sour, and Mai Tai

Our team of bartenders served Corona and Heineken, as well as Red and White Wines for the event, ensuring a crowd of happy patrons having an enjoyable time in the office party.